Good Guys Runner Up!
Jul 29, 2014

Dr. Big Block wheeled the Mighty Josephine through the competition at the Goodguy's drags and didn't stop until the final round, where he runner upped to Ken Reeves in his sinister black '67 Dodge Dart in an All Mopar finish at 11:00 PM. It was a great night for Wagons of Steel. He got to the third round the next day. I didn't win anything in the Savoy but I did manage to get her down the track consistently in the 10.80s at 121+ mph, thanks to a 200 pound weight reduction. We are planning on running her in "B/SA" instead of our usual "C/SA" at this weekend's Northwest National Event. We hope to see you there, be sure to ask for a free teeshirt before we run out. Read all about it here next week!

Jul 21, 2014

When the Canadians showed up at Pacific Raceways for our best two of three showdown, they had "11.15" on their window. We had "11.14". We thought the racing would be close but we were wrong. In the first race I left first, .020 to .077 and never saw El Chupacabra II again as I rolled to an 11.02 @ 120 to their 11.17. The second round I went .004 red on the starting line but took the stripe on general principles. All tied up, I played it safe on the tree and finished it off. The Savoy was the faster car on that weekend by just under two tenths. We figured it was because we had taken 100 pounds of ballast out for the race so we put it back in and still beat them like a drum. We even scored a 10.98 second pass, our first ten second run of the year.

The Pacific Raceway folks let us run against each other over and over again because we looked so good. El Chupacabra II and the Savoy are a study in contrasts. El Chupababra sits nose high and proud and the Savoy is low and mean. El Chupababra carries the front wheels for forty feet, the Savoy shoots out of the hole like a low flying missile. In all fairness, the Savoy is a scienced out machine that will make the most of any power put to it whereas El Chupababra is still very much a work in progress. We'll have to do it again soon!

This Friday we'll be heading back to Pacific Raceways for the Goodguys drags then Saturday we'll be running the Stock/Super Stock combo as our final tune up for the Northwest Nationals on the first weekend of August. We hope to see you there!