Oct 9, 2014

Well the season is over. It started out with some technical difficulties when we accidentally froze our engine while the race car sat in the trailer during the winter. The damage turned out to be worse than we originally thought when we discovered that we had actually cracked a head! The heads for a '64 Max Wedge Stocker motor are very difficult to find so we ended up paying a lot of money to have the crack repaired. Learn from our mistake and put antifreeze in your engine this winter!

Once we had that problem fixed the season went pretty well. The Savoy ran great, it was a solid "bracket mode" car for the whole season--it ran consistent like a brick falling out of a window

Aug 24, 2014

It's all about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as they guy on TV used to say. We went to the Northwest Nationals, as we try to every year. We started by racing at the Good Guys event the weekend before then leaving the Savoy at the track on Sunday night, which we weren't technically allowed to do except that the fine folks at Pacific Raceways took pity on us and our horrendously expensive ferry ride w/race car back to our home on Vashon. I came back on Tuesday and moved our trailer into the official line to get into the event. Then I came back on Wednesday and moved into our pit area. Then I came back on Thursday and teched the car. That is actually kind of fun and the car gets a new National Event sticker. Then on Friday we got three qualifying passes. Two of them were good and one was a throwaway. I was shutting off at the 1000' mark to avoid a heads up race with the other two much faster "B/SA" cars that were competing. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense, ask me about it in person and I'll explain it to you.

For Saturday eliminations I drew Dave Barcelone in his beautiful H/SA '69 Camaro. Dave is a good friend and I have raced against that f*cking Camaro many times. Each time I swear that it will be my turn for the win but it hasn't happened yet. I turned on the red light by .002 of a second and just like that, I was a spectator with really good seats. I had lots of family and friends who helped me get over it and enjoy the circus that is an NHRA National event.

The Next weekend was another Stock/Super Stock combo race and the Musclecars vs. Tuners drags. I was ready to get some win lights already and I managed to get to the third round of the combo. I got a career highlight by cutting a perfect light and taking the win against my friend Jody Lang who happens to be one of the best drag racers on the planet. Then on Sunday I was mowing down the tuners until I smoked the tires on the starting line in the fourth round. It turns out they were absolutely used UP! Oh well.