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Our Canadian brothers came down for the big best of five show down and we were (miraculously) ready for them. We had our '70 Chrysler finished off with our low compression 480 cubic inch motor and good "stock" transmission. We were ready to run ten second quarter miles, hell, we were technically legal to run nine second quarter miles. They were ready to run mid or low elevens as they have been for the past couple of years. After Dr. Big Block and yours truly made a couple of shake down runs we handed the car over to our ace driver Matt Hatfield. Some people complained to us that Matt was a greenhorn and wouldn't do as good of a job as us. To them I say, you try going six rounds at the bracket finals! Matt conducted himself well behind the wheel but we weren't quite able to get around the Canadians big black Monaco--they had half a tenth on us. Fortunately for us the weather moved in and we had to switch from racing to beer drinking for the rest of the weekend before they could paste that third and final win on us. Now we'll have to wait until the next time. When we pulled the big wagon out of the trailer on Monday we decided to drive up the street to the dump and weigh it, since we didn't have the time before we went racing. It was then that we learned that the car weighs over 4000 pounds. Well that might not be a surprise to a casual observer--it is a huge Chrysler--we thought it was lighter because we hacked so much out of her. We didn't account for the full cage made of mild steel.